ZeroWorks Architect is the content editor LIMITED TO we have developed for use with (# cms). We have created) (# architect thinking of editing the contents and browser compatibility which allows us to get pages compatible with most popular browsers and using the technology they buy something.

A page is displayed in the same way that Internet Explorer 7 in version 8 of the browser, however, in version 8 is using all the features Microsoft has included in this version of the browser.

ZeroWorks Architect is compatible with most common browsers from Internet Explorer, Mozilla and even Safari and Opera browsers with which you can edit the contents of the website. This ensures that you can modify the contents of the website from anywhere, only internet connection required. We have created a powerful tool to edit the contents of (# cms), results in minutes.

Its high level of compatibility between nevaegadores, reliability and ease of use, make) (# architect a powerful tool, designed the pages on your website visually, edit content seeing results without having to make a preview content. What you see is what you get, simple as that.