Versión Actual
Versión CMS 4.01
Database Version 3.3

ZeroWorks Framework is the new generation of content management systems, known as CMS. A host of features distinguish our CMS on other products that make ZeroWorks Framework an excellent choice. Their innovative editing systems and full integration sites and the enormous flexibility make it a product brand and make a reference direfencias.

Direct editing on the site. Among the most significant features are application technology design VisualSkin™ developed by ZeroWorks, with which any design can be applied to the system without having to modify it, without using tedious templates without having to learn or develop in other lenguages.

Any design is possible. In the simplest form, the technology VisualSkin™ , With only a little knowledge of HTML and PHP can get the web design is not based simply on a stylesheet.

Furthermore the use of the technology VisualSkin™ makes upgrading the system as it is never necessary to modify the core files without using the tedious templating systems.

We have worked hard to ensure compatibility ZeroWorks Framework with the most common browsers including Microsoft Internet include Exlorer ™, Google Chrome ™ and Mozilla Firefox ™. Our CMS is a guarantee of success, demonstrated results in minutes.

Working on standards and using the latest technology allows us to offer a new product, easy to use which saves money get insured because their ease, security and scalability are spectacular. Since the use of UTF8, XHTM integration, CSS 2.0, available for engines MySQL databases and SQL Server, make ZeroWorks Framework in one solution to consider.

Our product is the result of integrating a sólosistema all those characteristics that make it a system unmatched. These features can include:

  • System Plugins
    We amppliación allows the system without making changes to the base system.
  • Imaging
    Full image management system that performs the scaling and smoothing automatically deimágenes, obtaining images nítidasen all times.
  • Machine translation
    Our system leverages the benefits of free translation services offered by Google and without limitations.
  • WYSWYG Editor
    Thanks ZeroWorks Architect we can edit our web pages on the same page sdirectamente.
  • VisualSkin™
    We have developed a technology that allows us to make spectacular designs on our website without having to make huge efforts.

These are some of the special features we've built into our content management system.