Versión Actual
Versión CMS 4.01
Database Version 3.3

ZeroWorks Framework has a complete and unique multi-language system that allows the addition of several languages, including languages with special character sets such as Russian or Chinese. The implementation of the languages to be made simple and can be applied by an administrator or through a translator using the workflow.

The advantages of multi-language) (# cms is that not only can be applied on the text, images can also be included for each language available on the web, ie if for example there is a poster for the celebration of an event and this poster or banner is available in different languages, the system can display the appropriate poster or banner depending on the language of the visitor.

The detection system of visitor's language automatically selects the language of the web browser depending on the language as long as not made a prior selection.

Besides the powerful tool of language management, cms) (# dispondo of an automatic translation system that obtained in the second translation of the content carried by external systems.

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