What is


VisualSkin™ is the name of web technology developed by ZeroWorks allowing the application of any design on a web page without altering its functionality or its source code.

This technology allows templates forget complicated, having to repeat the same design on all elements of our web site and tedious tasks of design application. The results: fully flexible to design systems that do not sacrifice functionality.

Hybrid systems made with Macromedia Flash or Microsoft Silverlight that atualizar automatically without the need for intervention or designers and programmers.

Why not just CSS style live web) (# visualskin more open range of possibilities to provide results quickly. With an application system is simple, it is necessary to learn another programming language) (# visualskin you use the PHP language, widely used for web development.

Apply changes on the web has never been easier, the changes are propagated as do the style sheets, and across the web while, forget about wasting time formatting to web, improve your investment in web investing new content and not waste time formatting the new content, make changes in minutes of the design of any page.

The original code does not alter pages so they can regain their original appearance. It can completely change the layout of a page without changing the original HTML code.