Versión Actual
Versión CMS 4.01
Database Version 3.3


ZeroWorks Origami has a complete imaging system. This system optimizes server resources on demand by re-scaling of the images without losing quality during the resizing process.

The system does all the work for you, if after inserting an image realizes that it must be larger or small the only thing to do is change the size and the system will automatically resize the image without losing the original image .

Besides a complete image cache are not overloaded ensures that neither the processor nor the available bandwidth optimizing system resources and the speed of page loading.

This can be obtained from a single file uploaded to the server subconjuto whole image of the sizes required by the system or plugins. This provides even more flexibility to the system of obtaining skins websites totally different from each other, with the desired result.

Notice in the video we have included to illustrate the power of our imaging system and after rescaling the image does not lose quality, and even performed on the server a profile that gives the required quality. It works as quickly, without having to worry about the size of images without having to load the same image again and again.

cms) (# supports different images natively, you can add both files types allowed as content available on other sites like youtube. The formats supported natively by our system are:

Type Version
JPG images 0.1
PNG Images 0.1
GIF images 0.1
SWF Movie 1.0
FLV Movies 1.5

A comprehensive media management system does all the management of video and image files. You can insert directly into the system video files.

No more blur

The system ensures that the images do not lose quality compared to the original image, no more blur, no more pixelated images. The result: clean, sharp images.

Moreover the system has a complete set of image processing functions to apply common filters from the same website. Available filters are siguietens:

Filter Version
Grayscale 1.3
Investing 1.3
Brightness 1.3
Contrast 1.3
Color 1.3
Smoothing 1.4
Fuzzy 1.4
Emboss 1.4
Limit 1.4
Sharpen 1.4