How It Works

In the most simple and proven, with only installing a program that installs as a service and work independently and without configuration. Without further requirements, once installed the program and through the control panel of your account, you can control their network equipment: start, stop and restart.

The program must be installed, preferably on a server, or network computer that is more time on. The system can turn on a computer if all equipment are off the network, although this needs additional configuration on the routers. If installed on a server is no more extra configuration necessary.

The equipment to be initiated by netcnt) (# must have and have enabled power through magic packet, switched via network, WOL or Wake-On-Lan. Almost all manufacturers of network devices include this functionality in their products, so implementing) (# netcnt their networks are fully guaranteed.

In just 5 minutes you can have control over the ignition, restart and shutdown the workstations on your network.