ZeroWorks NetControl is a system for real-time monitoring of remote computers. This application lets you turn on and off remotely and no additional configuration of remote network computers and no configuration and safely.

Its operation is very simple, you must install the client program on one or more computers on the network to be controlled and, from that time teams can turn on and off remotely accessing the control panel that is available online . Turns restart and off equipment from anywhere in an easy, clean and totally secure.

Discover the advantages of using ZeroWorks NetControl :

  • No additional installation required

  • No additional configuration is needed in routers and firewalls to ZeroWorks NetControl work. It only requires the installation of the client application and in a moment you get control over the lighting equipment.
  • Transparent Operation

  • Its operation is completely transparent causes no burden on the local network.
  • Control anywhere

  • Easy to use and intuitive. From the control panel can monitor the status of their networks and perform operations on and off equipment.
  • Completely safe

The security and integrity of the system is fully guaranteed, fully demonstrated results in minutes.