Versión Actual
Versión CMS 4.01
Database Version 3.3

Extending our CMS is very easy and with unparalleled flexibility. By the subsystem plugins can extend or change the appearance of any component of the CMS.

All the flexibility available to programmers. The plugin system integrates translation system which facilitates the creation of new plugins that use the full capacity of the system.

The plugins install themselves and uninstalled by user request. A plugin is installed with one click! Adding New Functionality to our CMS is very easy for any programmer with PHP knowledge can expand the system and use all its components: translation) (# visualskin, security context, internal search engine to create any type of web application.


Plugin Detail Version
News It features news on the website and on the cover and internally. 1.3
Blog Integra weblogs on the website. 1.1
Polls Make surveys of Web users and presents the results of voting. 1.0
Calendar Organize your events and submit them on the web in a simple and effective. 1.2
Image Gallery Create your own photo albums. Sort your photos using tags 1.1
Library Build a library of files to download, be ranked by categories and subcategories, decide who can download the files and who not. 1.1
FAQs Create a page of questions and answers in that when you click on the question the answer will appear. 1.1
Newsletter Create and send newsletters to users of the website. It also allows the subscription of unregistered users. 1.0
Library Printing With this plugin you can print from your computer directly to the website. This is a printer driver that generates a document and adds it directly into the selected category of the library. 1.0
See Also Pluguin to create links to other pages in the system with images. 1.2
Slides Create slideshows for display on the website. 1.1
Google AdSense Google advertising and manage them using the system designer to insert advertising on your pages. 1.0
Google Maps Create and display maps with Google Maps. 1.0
Google Analytics Insert the tracking code for Google Analytics on every page. 1.0
Banners Manage banner ads. 1.0
Catalog Displays a list of items and their information via AJAX without reloading the page entirely. 1.0
Testimonials Shows in front what your customers say about your work. 1.1
TPV It allows the possibility of payment by credit card users of the website. 1.0


The creation of plugins is very simple only must have knowledge of PHP, the rest is easy since the system provides a number of functions that greatly facilitate the creation of new plugins.