In addition to conducting specific software, we also develop innovative and differentiated products, which can easily be integrated into more specific solutions enabling rapid development of these systems without any limitations presented by technology utilizaday further reducing the cost of implementation.

Among our work we highlight the following products:

ZeroWorks Framework

(# cms) is our web content manager, a powerful Web application that allows the management of any website besides providing the basis for any system. Flexible to allow the development of any solution, manageable for users to update web content in a convenient manner, with powerful features that are the envy of other similar products.

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The application on web design has become essential, for this in ZeroWorks thought about creating a system that would permit implementation of a web design on a page without altering its functionality, without having to use tedious templates that ease of understanding of system as a whole and involve learning another programming language specific. (# visualskin) is a technology developed to facilitate work on site. Thus even using the same base system the results are surprising, obtaining products that retain their individuality.

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Nautic Manager

Nautic Manager is the vertical solution ZeroWorks carried out entirely by the management of fleets of rental boats. This application has been made and developed with the latest technology from Microsoft application development. Net on the database engine to Microsoft SQL Server.

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