We carry out our projects using cutting edge software technology and combining it with graphic design and use of advanced techniques, the result: we develop any kind of application, resolve any problems.

We evaluate your business processes and create solutions that optimize the performance of these without having to make substantial changes in its working.

All our projects use a common framework which allows the specific development is fully devoted to the project rather than ancillary structures.

"Several offices? No Problem

If your company has several offices and do not want to rely on communications. Our programming system will allow you to work from anywhere, without relying on any broadband connection. The data are automatically synchronized in all parts of your business. Admas can continue working even when no Internet connection available: when the connection becomes available the data are automatically synchronized.

All our solutions are ready for data replication across multiple offices, without cost increase will have a fully scalable application. Although at the time of the completion of the application is not necessary in the future may be why we have built our system replication series in all our applications without increasing cost.

Work from anywhere and at little cost, without large investment or infrastructure costs. With our systems can workwithout permanent connection, data is synchronized when the connection becomes available or by user request.

The main advantages of using this system:

  • Low cost
    You do not need a huge investment in infrastructure, our system is designed to reduce costs to the maximum. We have the technology, you should only consider the problem.
  • Total Independence of internet connection
    It works even if you do not own internet connection. Once the connection is available, the data is updated at all branches.
  • Tailored Solutions
    In ZeroWorks believe that software should adapt to their needs. The results are projects that allow you to optimize your business processes. Our projects are tailored to your business.

Information Technology

In ZeroWorks believe that the success of a project to use the latest technology. That is why our programmers are constantly updated with the latest trends in programming.

The database engine used by ZeroWorks include:

SQL Server 2008

Microsoft SQL Server

The powerful database engine from Microsoft, you experience an intelligent relational database, productive and reliable business that provides a platform for organizations to manage any data, anywhere and anytime.



MySQL has become the engine for open source databases more popular in the world. With its rapid and consistence, reliability and ease of use. It is used in all continents for web developers and the largest organizations to save money by giving power to its popular web sites, critical systems and software.


Programming Technology

In addition to technology database in ZeroWorks use the latest technology in lenguages development, we have a vast knowledge in developing client / server applications in the language more popular. The wide range of languages available for action in areas where our technology can be applied.

Microsoft Visual Studio

Microsoft Visual Studio

Software developers need a solid working environment, allowing us to give life to our projects. The development environment of Microsoft Visual Studio into a complete suite of tools designed to help software developers to create innovative applications for the next generation.



PHP is an interpreted language propgramación widely used in Web development that is usually embedded in HTML. Its main use is as part of the server where the data to be processed, for example, stored in databases.



Javascript is an interpreted programming language mainly used in the framework of implementation of customer websites. Javascript can provide extended functionality to web pages ranging from the pre-validation of data within the client to complete the implementation of applications.

For Adobe Flash Actionscript


ActionScript is Adobe's proprietary language and used for development of flash movies. It is an interpreted language which can create real applications in flash environment.


Vertical Solutions

We have developed specific projects for a wide range of companies. Vertical solutions that have achieved their objective.