Web Systems

Our web development is not based simply on websites: develop complete web systems, systems that are complemented by Sotware of your business. We create systems from B2C to B2B systems, electronic commerce and have our own content management platform.

We integrated solutions: management software company that maintains and updates the website, thus optimizing the work. Without boring update systems without having to be permanently connected to the network. The updates you make on the domestic agenda are automatically propagated in the website. The result: independent systems operate in real time.

We develop solutions that really meet the objectives set at the outset. We have a totally flexible platform that allows us to start our projects from advanced levels allowing focus on specific solution without having to develop generic or specific functions.

Our solutions also allow specific software integration: imagine a single program to manage your entire company, all its branches and its Web site, without need for export of data systems without having to update attendees. Now stop imagining: with ZeroWorks possible.


ZeroWorks Framework

We developed a platform CMS, cms) (# called totally flexible to allow the creation of any system using it as a base system. We have a common rationale for all of our systems makes upgrading and the development of any platform or web system.

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We have also developed a system called skins for web pages) (# visualskin allowing the application of design on our website without having to worry about any changes to the contents for easy updating of the site and controlling every aspect of it .

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