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ZeroWorks - Business Manager is an ERP with which you can fully manage your business. An effective, totally flexible and scalable solution, which we can customize whatever your needs and without losing the new improvements that we are incorporating.

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A solution for any need

Vertical modules a horizontal system.


Fully customizable retail, compatible with a multitude of devices. Optimized cash closing control for faster closing with mismatch search systems to facilitate the day-to-day running of your trade.

Personal control

Complete personnel management solution. It allows control through physical ZKTeko devices, mobile and even from the desktop or a dedicated computer. Staff can start their day at the company and end it from their mobile.

Hotel Reservation Management

Automatic synchronization with different channel managers and your company's website. Forget about controlling availability and quotas, our system takes care of everything.

Cheese Production and Livestock Control

Traceability of fresh cheese production and its subsequent sale of cheese with maturation control, surface cleaning control, temperature and humidity control with direct connection to the sensors.

Warehouse Control

Carrying out continuous inventory through our warehouse control App. Conventional inventory and differential inventory. Movement traceability system to detect incidents and improve internal company management and warehouse surprises.

Management Medical Centers

Management of visits, schedule control by professional, control of incidents and no-shows and simultaneous patients. Flexibility of charging for services and assignment of services by specialty. Administration of group activities, collection of fees and control of presence to activities.


Assign tasks to each technician. Manage emergencies and optimize communication with technicians through the SAT app. Automatically create delivery notes on the performances created by each technician.


Don't worry about updating the web, our framework automatically synchronizes all the details of the article, from its availability, photo, price, even the different languages.

Commercial Management

Control the profitability of your commercials. Check the territorial deployment of each salesperson with a heat map and compare it with the sales made to customers in the area or by the salesperson himself.

Do you need Custom Software?

We can make any custom modifications for your business. You can continue to receive the general updates that we are making. A guarantee for the future.
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Main Features

A complete system from head to toe.
  • Catalog of Articles

    Includes photographs and technical documentation to the catalog. Make your budgets more visual by incorporating photographs of the items.
  • Serial numbers

    Trace the items through their serial number.
  • Automation

    Automatically includes surcharges and fees when selling. Make periodic invoices. Apply VAT exceptions for customers and articles.
  • Electronic file

    Centralize the documentation of the company, customers and suppliers. Quickly access it.
  • Native Support

    With native support for Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF: it is not necessary to have the applications to view, generate and edit documents.
  • Communications

    Send documents, invoices directly from the system. Communicate with your customers by SMS. Carry out your sales campaigns directly from the system.
  • Collections Portfolio

    Manage your clients' debt, manage the collection of promissory notes, installment payments. Total flexibility: multiple, partial charges and without any restrictions.
  • Off-road sales

    Sale by sizes and colors, by units, by weight or mixed and batch control. All simultaneously in the same system. Control the stock, sales of services, with traceability and powerful historical functions accessible directly from the sale.
  • Statistics

    Get personalized reports on the status of your company, make groupings and breakdowns at any level. Create your own buttons
  • Articles a la carte

    Add attributes to articles by type. Customize the tab of the articles with properties of the article and perform advanced searches on them.
  • Total customization

    Customize data lists, add, hide columns and create custom views. It hides the functions that are not used and controls the information and use that each user gives to the system.
  • Control and Security

    A powerful permission system allows you to secure and restrict the most important information of your company. Recovers information deleted by mistake. Check the operations carried out by each user.
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Synergy of Technologies

Made with cutting-edge technology, we have unified desktop, mobile and web using our own framework in a single scalable, flexible solution that connects and takes advantage of the best of different technologies .
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A Platform with Many Applications

A complete system from head to toe.
For small hotels

Small Hotels

Complete hotel management for indoor hotels, simplicity of use and high performance. Don't worry about availability, our system takes care of everything.

Medical centers

Complete multiprofessional agenda, rates for each specialty, control of groups with assistance. Medical history and of course it complies with the new data protection regulation RGPD.

Presence control

Surely one of the most flexible systems on the market. Compatible with Mobile, ZKTeko clocking devices, RFID and Desktop version for office users. All simultaneously.

Sales force

Control the action of your company's sales force, conversion by customer and commercial. Obtain data on the evolution of your company's sales and create customer loyalty programs.

Cheese Production

Manages the traceability of cheese production. Production of fresh cheese and sale of cheese according to its maturity. Includes electronic documentation, cleaning control, temperature controls.

Point of sale

For retail businesses, with sales control, permits for shares on cash. Our follow-up and checkout makes it easier for the user to resolve any mismatches. A complete system prepared for any type of trade.

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