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Origami CMS | News

01/01/2010, Origami CMS, ZeroWorks Framework is the name of the content management system CMS ZeroWorks. Its main feature to their latest versions has been its great maneuverability, ease of use and extremely powerful. , Go to product page, #cms
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07/01/2010, We present our new website, We have fulfilled our aim to present our new website to start the new year just begun. We are proud to present our new website which offers detailed information about our products, highlighting our CMS: cms) (#. We've structured our web content so that it is easy to locate the content you wish to view. Our new website is running on our CMS, so you can appreciate...
Tags: cms, web, zeroworks, new
14/05/2010,, Tourist portal performed by ZeroWorks for Fundació Destí Menorca. The portal has been designed from the engine for social networks created by Social Engine which has been substantially amended to comply with the requirements demanded by the Foundation. Are scheduled on the main system a number of different improvements that can highlight the...

Menorca Nautic Fun | Portfolio

Náutic Fun Menorca, Boats Booking System, Reserve management system implemented and adapted to the firm Nautic Fun, on-line reservations. We performed a reserve management system in real time synchronized with the Web page so that facilitated the management of the company and prevented competition in the rental boats. This project underscores the expansion of with the management system of vessels....

Obres Ben Fet | Portfolio

Obres Ben Fet, Website Obres Ben Fet, Company Website Obres Ben Fet. Made entirely using . Was performed by integrating a Web application that performs a catalog of buildings. The application is integrated using as a basis simply used as a content editor. ,, Obres Ben Fet

Therapy & Health | Portfolio

Terapia & Salud, Portal of alternative therapies, Therapy & Health was the first project that used our system . This system integrates a standalone application and uses for web rendering. This system is notable for having two designs that the user can select. ,, Therapy & Health

Carpentry Hidalgo | Portfolio

Carpintería Hidalgo, Carpentry Website Hidalgo, Simple Web page that uses for text editing. This site requires Flash version of the Image Gallery plugin to manage the list of jobs that this company uses. ,, Carpentry Hidalgo

Elitechip | Portfolio

Elitechip, Management System Sports Competitions, Given the need Elitechip company to offer services on-line for the management of sports events, a project management system with competitions linked directly to the website. In this way the management of sporting events has been simplified to the maximum impact on reducing the work to be done by the company can focus its efforts on improving its services....
Shopping Centre Es Forn, Forn's Website Shopping Center, Simple web that included the use of Google Maps plugin and the integration of different languages. In this case acts only as a rich text editor. ,, Shopping Center Es Forn

S'Enclusa | Portfolio

s'Enclusa, Exhibition results, In this project we have implemented our CMS for displaying results of the project management S'Enclusa spaces in Menorca. This project uses the library of documents as a basis for file downloads and news plugin. ,, S'Enclusa