Versión Actual
Versión CMS 4.01
Database Version 3.3


ZeroWorks Origami is a system created and designed to allow editing and implementing corporate website translation from design to facilitate the publication of content. We offer a flexible product in all its aspects from power) (# visualskin allowing the application of any design on the web, the Architect that allows direct editing on the web page and the plugin system that allows the extension of system to perform from corporate networks to B2B or B2C e-commerce.

Power Design

The design of the pages) (# cms is easier than ever. Through) (# architect, powerful editing system, we see the final design of the website as well as we are designing. In the simplest form, without having to use cumbersome editing systems that complicate or hinder the work, affect the ability of the page by limiting the options or allow us only editing text or html.

You can set up in minutes a page with news, news, images and text without any programming knowledge tenen. Simply click the mouse on the desired area and the content is created automatically. And thanks to technology does not make reference to the components necessary to indicate where to go to locate other components of the system on other pages. That is not necessary to indicate to top stories what are the news page of the website.

Search Engine Pontente

cms) (# includes a powerful internal search engine that automatically performs the searches performed by users of the website. Our search engine is fully integrated with the plugin system which allows very little code to include in the search results and data of any origin. The search engine automatically includes all sorts results by relevance and getting results very easily and effortlessly.


cms) (# works with all major existing browsers without any problem, this ensures the issue of content from anywhere, with just an Internet connection.

Our CMS is compatible with most common encodings page using UTF8 as primary coding. Its unique system of translation allows the use of different encodings besides all the power offered UTF8.

Copat with versions of Internet Explorer 8 and 7 in one product that uses XHTML as the default document type ensures a scalable product and technology compatible with varguardista also not limited to a simple design because thanks to our system ( # visualskin) will have all the flexibility to create websites with an unusually beautiful sinigual CMS also applied other available.

Building Expansion and Specific Solutions

The expansion of the system is guaranteed with the plugin system. These small applications allow us to expand the system without interfering with its basic nature in any way. This allows the system to be upgraded to higher versions compatible websites ensuring today and tomorrow.

You can create any application that runs on ZeroWorks Framework, besides being able to integrate separate systems or other manufacturers using user roles.

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Base System Features

Below is a list of features included in the base system and the version from which it is available.

Feature Version
RSS Feed 1.1
Multilanguage 1.2
Search 1.2
System Plugins


ZeroWorks Architect 1.0
Editor WYSWYG 1.0
WordTags 1.3
Treatment of Media (images, video and flash) 1.0
Multisystem, multidomain 1.0
SEO Optimizations 1.2
VisualSkin™ 1.0
Cache Pages 1.3
Word Cloud 1.2
Links to share 1.2
Friendly Url 1.3
Automatic content translation 1.5


The updated versions) (# cms done in a simple and transparent. Since the first version to update the database is done automatically. You only need to update the files in the new version on the server and the system is responsible for updating the database. Upgrades to new versions of the system are made easily and smoothly, with only two clicks!

Once purchased the system, we provide system upgrades for free during the first year. Then there is the option to purchase an upgrade package which must be renewed every few years depending on the package subscribed to.